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Welcome to VCA Animal Clinic of Parker

We don't just care for your pet - We care about your pet!


The Animal Clinic of Parker’s goal is to provide the highest quality veterinary care and attention to your pet. Our aim is to be warm, sincere, honest and earn the trust and respect of our clients. We will treat your pets as we do our own.


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Our Philosophy

The Animal Clinic of Parker understands that the bond between people and their pets is one of love and devotion. We also realize that many of our clients are nervous and worried when they bring their animals to meet us for the first time. Not only are they concerned for the well being of their puppy or guinea pig, but also for how they will be handled and treated. Our approach, at the Animal Clinic of Parker, is to take our time and gently earn the trust of your pet. In most cases, this is accomplished quickly by using lessons learned through experience. A tail wagging, tongue lolling Labrador may simply require a cookie and a tummy rub, while a timid cat or dog may require making ourselves appear smaller or perhaps allowing some time to let them make the first introductions.


First Impressions

We understand the importance of first impressions. We work diligently throughout the day to provide a clean, well-lit environment without the nasty odors commonly associated with Veterinary clinics and Veterinary Services. Our receptionists are friendly and helpful. You will be greeted promptly and kindly asked for information regarding your visit. We stress prompt, personable assistance as we realize that your time is as valuable as our time.


Our Veterinary Clinics practice emphasizes teaching and our highly trained veterinary technicians can answer many of your questions while taking you and your pet to an examination room. After obtaining a brief history of your animals past and current medical problems, our technicians obtain baseline vital signs prior to getting the veterinarian. The veterinarian is briefed on the history and the technicians’ findings, as well as informed of any questions or concerns the owner may have had.



We care for small animals, including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Hamsters
  • Rabbits
  • Exotic Reptiles

Contact Us


19557 E. Parker Square Drive

Parker, CO 80134


(303) 840-1255

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